Compliance and Privacy


UNMC Physicians is committed to conducting professional fee billing in accordance with federal, state and applicable third-party payor requirements. As part of its compliance efforts, UNMC Physicians has instituted a number of policies, including a Professional Fee Billing Compliance Plan, UNMC Physicians SupportLine Policy and Standards of Conduct.


HIPAA, the "Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996" provides federal protection of patient health information. UNMC Physicians has adopted policies to ensure the HIPAA rules and regulations are enforced.

Health Information Exchange

An electronic health information exchange (HIE) is an Internet-based, health information exchange. Health care providers and health insurers share and use your information for treatment and payment purposes. Participating health care providers and health insurers can see certain health, demographic and payment information (your “health information”) in each other’s records. They can use this information for treatment and payment purposes. For more information, please visit our health information exchange site.


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